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All Fruits Ripe at Yo Mon!

Fruit and yogurtWe know that the phrase “all fruits ripe” means everything’s well and good in Jamaican, but at Yo Mon we have two meanings: Everything’s great AND our fruit toppings are the best and freshest around! Last week, our blog was all about the dairy products we use and the care we put into choosing them. We want them to be free of rBGH, as well as artificial ingredients and fillers. When it comes to our toppings, we’re looking for the best, too!

At Yo Mon, we hand pick the fruit that goes into our stores, so that we know we are offering only the freshest and ripest fruit on our Toppings Bar. Why is that so important to us, you ask? There are a couple of reasons. First, because we know it’s what you, our loyal yogurt aficionados, want and expect from us. Who really wants to put half-ripe strawberries on their cup of yogurt bliss? Or over-ripe kiwi, for that matter? No one we know, that’s for sure!

But here’s something you may not know: Fruits (and vegetables, for that matter) contain the most nutritional value (vitamins, minerals, etc.) when they are at their peak ripeness. If you’re going to eat, don’t you want to get the most out of your food? Here are a few things we’ve learned about picking out the best produce:

Kiwi: A ripe kiwi will not be mushy or wrinkled but just slightly yielding to the touch. If you want to, give it a sniff! You know what good kiwi smells like; if it smells just a little “off,” leave it behind.

Blueberries: You want ’em plump and taut! If they look or feel a little squishy, keep walking! Also, check out their color: They should be a deep indigo color with a dull white “frost” appearance.

Peaches: Ripe peaches smell good, so get your nose on them and give them a sniff. The skin will also give just a little when you put gentle pressure on the seams. If they’re at all green around their “shoulders,” they’re not ready yet.

Pineapple: Check the leaves! You want to see vibrant, green leaves on your pineapple! Also, give a little squeeze; if it’s spongy at all, move along. Ripe pineapples will a lovely sweet smell at the stem end, as well.

Strawberries: One of the keys to picking the best berries is their feel: not too hard, not too soft. The other keys? Make sure they’re a bright red and that the color goes all the way to the stem; and, as with so many others, get your nose involved. Ripe strawberries have a strong fruity smell that will get your mouth watering!

Raspberries: Raspberries can be tricky. You want to make sure they’re plump and dry. Berries that are wet will spoil quickly (don’t wash them until you’re ready to eat). Also, check the color—you want it bright and uniform.

Mangos: Don’t focus on the color in mangos—that’s not the best indication of ripeness. Instead, squeeze them gently; they should give slightly, similar to a peach. Also, mangos smell sweet at the stem end when they’re ripe.

Blackberries: When you’re looking for the perfect blackberries, check the color: They should be a deep, rich black. Then give them a little squeeze. If they feel like they’re about to burst or if they actually leak a little bit of juice, you’ve got ripe berries! Also check for plumpness—if the berries haven’t completely filled out, they’re not ripe yet. Conversely, if they’re starting to shrivel, they’re over-ripe.

The trick to picking great fruit generally falls into two categories: firmness and smell. Put your nose to work and don’t be afraid to touch and check for firmness (but be gentle). At Yo Mon, we do the work for you. When you come in to eat your favorite frozen yogurt with us, you can top with confidence. We’ve sorted through the candidates and chosen the best fruits for you, so sit back, fill da cup, and feed da soul, mon!