Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Da Franchise Side of Things at Yo Mon

YMY-Freehold-storeThe first time you came into Yo Mon, we hope you felt welcome. We hope that right from the doorway, you felt called in and comfortable. When Michael and Jennifer Mann first started Yo Mon, that’s what they wanted to create—a place where people could gather, hang out, enjoy themselves and be comfortable. They also wanted it to be different. They didn’t want you to walk into a store that felt like it was designed just for preschool playgroups or teenagers or moms. They wanted a place where the whole family—no matter the age—could come in and feel at ease and happy. After a good bit of thought, they came to the place you now know as Yo Mon. A place designed around color and comfort, and the chillest vibe they could think of—reggae. What puts people more at ease than a day at the beach, listening to reggae, and just hanging out? Add to that a snack that both parents and kids can agree on (made from the best quality ingredients) and a toppings bar that is as tempting as it is expansive, and you’ve arrived at Yo Mon!

Michael and Jenn have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that Yo Mon is not only the happiest place in town, but their yogurt and toppings are the best they can be, as well. When it comes to our yogurt you can always count on these things: There are no artificial ingredients or fillers and it is made with skim milk with no rBGH. There’s more of the same goodness on our Toppings Bar! We hand pick our fruits for the Toppings Bar so that we know we’ve got the best toppings available every single day. We’ve put a lot of time and thought into making Yo Mon the best frozen yogurt place around—and we’re ready to share!

Yo Mon is franchising! We’re looking for like-minded souls that want to bring some fun, great frozen yogurt and a place people can hang out and relax to their community. Could it be you? Here are a few things you need to know to be a Yo Mon franchisee:

You don’t need restaurant experience to own a Yo Mon franchise. Would it help? Sure, but so can we. We will be with you through every step of the process and we’ll be with you as you actually open your store. You’ll have two weeks of training (classroom and at our company-owned location in Red Bank, New Jersey), we’ll help you with vendor relationships, initial inventory, etc., and we’ll help you find the perfect location. Leave your worries at da door, mon. At Yo Mon, we take care of our own.

At Yo Mon, you don’t have to re-invent the yogurt cup. We’ve pretty much got da frozen yogurt business down to a science. We’ve created a product that is top-quality with interesting, unusual and delicious flavors that our customers are clamoring for. We set out to be unique and we’ve risen to the occasion: Just recently, we’ve added frozen yogurt pops and Flying Saucers to the menu (all created fresh, in-house), and we’re looking to add more frozen yogurt creations very soon!

People might come in initially for a sweet fix but they stay for the company. From staff to patrons, toddlers to seniors, everyone’s having a good time in our stores. We’ve created a place that’s inviting, energetic and completely comfortable. Have a seat with friends on our comfy couches, relax out front on a bench and enjoy the sun and the sights. Ride your skateboard over with the rest of the family and hang your boards conveniently on a rack right inside the door! Owning a place like Yo Mon isn’t just profitable, it’s fun. This is a “job” that doesn’t feel like work. How often do you get to say that in your life?

At Yo Mon, we’re always thinking, always making things new and adding cool stuff to our menu, our merchandise, and our environment. We’re looking for energetic, creative, fun-loving people to come join da family! If you think that might be you, go to our website and learn more about franchising with us!