Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Franchise Me This—Spreading the Yo Mon Spirit

YMY Red Bank 1You may not know this, but Yo Mon is franchising!  We’re looking for people who want to bring our particular brand of chill to their little corner of the world.  Some of you may be wondering if the world has room for one more frozen yogurt store, and our answer (and the answer of the franchise industry) is a resounding YES!  If you’ve been spending your free time at Yo Mon then you already know that we stay pretty busy, but if you’ve been looking around and paying attention at all, you also know that frozen yogurt stores are popping up everywhere.  People love their fro-yo!  And why shouldn’t they?  It’s low in fat and loaded with healthy probiotics.  Add those two qualities to the overall yumminess of frozen yogurt and you’ve got a winner, right?

Trends all over the US show that consumers are increasingly looking for healthier, low-fat foods and there continues to be an interest in probiotics, those little microorganisms in yogurt cultures that have been proven to improve the immune system and digestive health in general.  People are taking a turn to the healthy side of the street, and frozen yogurt is one of the few desserts that offer them more than a spoonful of deliciousness.  Add to this the ability to control portion size through a self-serve store set-up, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

You may be thinking, “Okay, but lots of frozen yogurt stores are self-serve, and low-fat or no-fat fro-yo with probiotics is the norm these days, so why is Yo Mon any different?”  We’re different because we like to keep things new, we like to get creative and offer new things to our customers as often as we can.  In addition to your favorite self-serve and our fully-stocked Toppings Bar, we’ve created Yogurt Pops and Flying Saucers, yogurt on a stick and dipped in chocolate and yogurt-filled cookie sandwiches, respectively.  Sometimes you just want something different, or something more portable, something you can munch on the run—and we’ve got it.  We’ve got some more new things in the works for 2014, so stay tuned to hear all about those, too.

And when you walk into Yo Mon, what’s the first thing you hear?  Reggae music (even during the holiday season)!  Who doesn’t feel their shoulders relax a little when da reggae hits their ears?  We created Yo Mon with the idea that it would serve as a local meeting place, a place for people to hang out and relax.  We covered each store in bright colors and comfy seating, then we threw in a reggae/Jamaican vibe that makes people want to sit back and stay a while.  You feel it when you walk in the door—the Yo Mon vibe—and it keeps people coming back.

Industry analysts agree that frozen yogurt is still growing in the US and worldwide.  They also agree that’s all about the concept.  Do you have a concept that draws people in for great yogurt but makes them stay (and come back) for the atmosphere you create?  Yo Mon does, and so could you.  Da reggae love is spreading!  It fills our cups, our smiles and our souls.  Won’t you help us spread the word?