Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Fro-Yo and Yogurt Pops and Flying Saucers—Oh My!

pops and flying saucersYou come to us for a cup of frozen yogurt to feed da soul.  Whether you need a fix of Taro Root, Lychee, Birthday Cake or Da Dark Chocolate—you know Yo Mon always has you covered.  Now, we’ve thought of a new way to bring joy to you and your taste buds—Yogurt Pops and Flying Saucers!

The Pops and Saucers are the brilliant creations of Jennifer Mann, co-owner and operator of Yo Mon yogurt; but she does more than just sit around and think of new ways to make people hungry; she’s back in the kitchen at Yo Mon whipping these treats up and creating new combos everyday.  As of right now, she’s created four different Pops, all of them delish.  Looking for something fruity with a gourmet edge?  Try strawberry yogurt dipped in chocolate coating!  Needing a fall fix to ring in the new season?  Try Pumpkin Latte w/ chocolate drizzle!  Need something for your small fry while you have your grown-up pop?  Jenn delivers Birthday Cake Smiley Faces and Vanilla Bear Claws.  Once again, Yo Mon makes sure that everybody’s happy.:)

As if our new Yogurt Pops weren’t enough to make your mouth water, Jenn also created the Yo Mon Flying Saucers!  Why do we call them Flying Saucers, you ask?  Well, they do resemble UFOs, but we think they’re pretty much out of this world, they’ll send you flying, they’re flying out of the store—you get the point, right?  There’s a whole lot of goodness in our Saucers!  And the extra-cool thing you should know: Flavors will be changing every week!  So, maybe this week, you’ll be eating a classic—vanilla fro-yo between two chocolate chip cookies and next week, Da Dark Chocolate piled high between two chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, and then rolled like a wheel through a pile of sprinkles for added pizzazz!  Sounds like fun, huh?  And who knows what Jenn will come up with next!

There are more new treats and cool news coming soon from Yo Mon, so keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter pages!  You don’t want to miss out on this news—trust us!  In the meantime, come into Yo Mon and see us, try a Yogurt Pop or a Flying Saucer (or both!), and let us know what you think!