Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Hold the Phone! Yo Mon has an App!

Yo Mon appYep!  You heard us right!  Keeping up with Yo Mon is as easy as clicking “download” in the app store.  The Yo Mon app is free and will keep you up-to-date on all the happenings at Yo Mon!

When Yo Mon owners, Michael and Jennifer Mann, decided that they wanted to have an app created for Yo Mon and all of its faithful followers, they went looking for someone to help them get it all together.  The guys at Creative Technology Designs listened to their ideas and came up with an app that we think you are going to love, mon!

They kept our signature Yo Mon logo and our palette of colors and then set things up so that users can choose their preferred location.  So, say your favorite Yo Mon location is Red Bank.  You just click that store and you’ll be able to find out what flavors are there every week without leaving your house or firing up the laptop!

Also on the app are coupons—there’s one for signing up, one for your birthday and there’s even one for referring a friend!  Periodically, we’ll be emailing coupons to people who have our app, and of course we’ll be posting new coupons, specials and events as they come up.  This new app really is the easiest way to keep up with Yo Mon on the go!

And guess what?  You know how sometimes when you’re sitting around Yo Mon eating your frozen yogurt, someone will come by and snap your picture?  Well, some of our lucky patrons will be smiling out from the pages of our new app because we like to keep things happening here at Yo Mon, and we love our patrons!

So, here’s how you get the Yo Mon app on your phone:  Go to the app store (or iTunes) on your iPhone and search for Yo Mon.  You see it?  Just click and add us to your phone now!  Updates to our app are coming soon—including the ability to use our app on Android phones!  We can’t wait to keep up with you!