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Hurricane Sandy: Yo Mon Celebrates a Year of Moving Forward

It’s been almost a year exactly since Hurricane Sandy ripped up the coast of New Jersey and North York, wreaking havoc and rolling in waves over boardwalks, businesses and homes.  While the storm was over in a day, the damage left behind keeps going.  There are still Jersey Shore residents who haven’t been able to go back home, businesses that never reopened, and plenty of work to be done; but the rainbow in these clouds has still managed to shine through this year.  We saw it in June with the first SkimBash event of the year taking place in Belmar.  It was a bit of a long shot that Belmar would even be able to hold the event.  Don’t forget that parts of Belmar were partially submerged under a saltwater lake after Sandy went through.  Ocean Avenue was covered in sand and the boardwalk was completely missing in some places.  But Belmar could not be held down and SkimBash took place as planned—and had a great turnout!  The people of Belmar were working all winter to bring their town back in time for the summer tourists, day-trippers and visitors of all types.  They didn’t want to miss out on one day of what they’re best known for—being a beach town.  The boardwalk was back and the beach was open and ready to go.

In September, evidence of recovery was clear again in Seabright.  During Hurricane Sandy, the ShrewsburyRiver and the Atlantic Ocean got up-close and personal when they came together in Seabright and covered the city with water for more than four hours.  Afterward, the town looked like a sandlot, a car went through a wall of the library, beach cabanas were washed in every direction, and houses and businesses were flooded—some beyond repair.  Even still, Yo Mon (and scores of other people) came to town in September to spend the weekend hanging out, giving away free samples of frozen yogurt, and enjoying ourselves to the fullest for the second SkimBash event of the season.  The beach was open and Seabright was ready for business.

As members of the Jersey Shore community and sponsors of Skimbash, we’ve been relieved, renewed, and reminded of the good in people and the benefits of belonging to a community of resilient folks who love where they live.  They say that you can’t keep a good man down, and we think that goes double for the Jersey Shore.

If you want to show support, celebrate a year of still standing, of coming back bigger and better, get your flashlights, candles or even cell phones handy to light up the beach.  Residents in waterfront communities all along the Jersey Shore will be coming out on October 29th, one year after Sandy hit them with what could have been a knock-out punch, to shine some lights and celebrate all the ways they’ve come back.  Work continues, people move forward, businesses re-open—life goes on.  Why don’t you grab a flashlight and help celebrate?