Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Just Say No to Oreos? Maybe Not…

Finally, someone understands that when people are looking for a treat, it’s hard to say no to cookies and candy!  Most of the time when we talk to you about keeping da cup healthy, we tell you to top it with fruits and nuts—and that’s still true!  But how hard is it to walk right past the Oreos or cookie dough and scoop some pineapple?  Maybe not that hard for some, but for lots of others, it’s pretty tricky.  So, we might just have a little help for you.

At a place like Yo Mon where you serve yourself, you’ve got to keep some self control at the toppings bar. We know it—we set it up everyday!  Rachel Berman, director of nutrition at CalorieCount.com has a little advice.  The best meals and snacks have a balance of fat, sugar and protein.  These are the meals/snacks that will stick with us the longest, and therefore, keep us from running back for another snack too soon.  So, apply this principle to da cup.

At Yo Mon, you’re getting very little fat in your yogurt, so you can afford to put a little on top.  The operative word here is “little.”  It’s all about moderation.  According to Berman, when you get your yogurt with a topping at a store that is not self-serve, you generally get about 1 tablespoon of topping, so when you’re hanging at the Yo Mon toppings bar, remember and keep your toppings to one small scoop (not one small scoop/topping, but one small scoop total).

Now, let’s talk about the scoop.  Since you’re getting about as much protein in your yogurt as you would in an egg or an ounce of meat, the protein’s covered.  That leaves fat and sugar.  Don’t go hog wild (remember one scoop), but you can give yourself a sprinkling of your favorite indulgence, according to Berman.  Of course, fruit is always your best bet topping because you get your topping fix, but you also get some extra nutrients and fiber (which is filling and good for you).  If you’re eating non-fat or low-fat yogurt, Berman says (and acknowledges that this might be controversial), have a little fat with your cookie.  According to her, you need a fat balance and it’s Oreo to the rescue.  Lest you hear the words “Oreo to the rescue” and forget the rest of this blog, let us remind you of the words “one small scoop” and “moderation.”;)

She also suggests you get your fat from nuts—a far healthier choice with less calories, but we get the whole “treat” phenomenon.  Sometimes, you just need an indulgence.  Whatever you choose to top off da cup, trust that we’ll make sure the toppings bar is stocked with only the best and freshest!  Come yah, mon!  Fill da cup, feed da soul!