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New Year’s Resolutions—Yo Mon Style

Every year, people all over the world make New Year’s resolutions—promises to themselves about changes they’re going to make in the coming year.  Most often we vow to lose weight, get healthy, save more money or get organized.  Here are a couple of statistics about New Year’s resolutions and the people who make them (according to The Huffington Post):

  1. Only 1 in 2.2 people in the US (of the 317 million adults) will bother to make a New Year’s resolution.  Of these people who make resolutions, 1 in 8 or 17.8 million will keep that resolution for a year.
  2. On a happier note: People who make resolutions are 10 times more likely than people who don’t to actually change their lives.

Since only 1 in 8 people actually stick to their resolutions, we have to conclude that this is why you couldn’t find a place to park at the gym (or an open treadmill) for the first two weeks of January, but now you can.  While the gym regulars smile and watch the number of resolution- makers dwindle as January marches on, the rest of us are left trying to hang onto those promises we made.  It’s not always easy, but we think we have a few tips for you: start small and find a way to enjoy whatever you’ve resolved to do.  So, without further ado, here are a few of the most popular resolutions for 2014 and Yo Mon’s suggestions on how to keep them.

  1. Lose weight—How many times have you said this?  So, how do you do it?  Change your eating habits and get active.  Easy, right?  Not always.  Changing any habit is a struggle, so when it comes to giving up the foods we love that might not be so health-friendly, we’re going to feel it.  So, start small.  Add more fruits, veggies, nuts and lean meats or proteins to your diet, but don’t give up every indulgence—manage them.  By cutting down the amount of soft drinks you drink every day, you’re cutting calories.  By starting your meals with a nice, fresh salad, you’re getting your veggies in and cutting down on the amount of entrée you might eat (more calories cut, nutrients added).  These are small things that can add up to big changes, so it’s really okay to reward yourself every now and then.  We suggest a cup of low-fat frozen yogurt with some fresh fruit on top, but the choice is up to you.
  2. Stay fit and healthy—In other words, get moving.  If exercise isn’t a part of your daily routine, you’ve got to make it a part (give it at least a couple of weeks).  When it becomes a habit, when you get used to doing it everyday, it’s not painful anymore, it might actually become something you look forward to.  But if you’re afraid that promising to go to the gym every day is setting yourself up for failure, start small.  Grab a friend or a group of friends and band together—set a schedule to take walks on local trails or just around the neighborhood.  Get your kids into it and take a bike ride together, or grab your skateboards and scoot on over to Yo Mon! We’ve got a skateboard rack just waiting for you, and maybe this is the time you give yourself that treat (then work it off on the ride home).  Getting your kids out with you has loads of benefits, too: time to interact and talk, keeping them (and yourself) active, encouraging a healthy lifestyle (habits they build in childhood will stay with them), and de-stressing together.
  3. Enjoy life to the fullest:  This one may seem pretty easy, but in our fast-paced world, it’s sometimes difficult to slow down and enjoy what’s happening around you—or to take time to do the things you love.  Sometimes you just have to make things happen.  We all have busy schedules, but pencil in some “me” time, some family time, some chill time.  Bring the family to Yo Mon on a Saturday afternoon (you could bike here!) or after dinner on a weeknight, and stop looking at the clock.  Relax, have some yogurt, and chit chat with your family and friends.

Resolutions are all about finding ways to improve yourself, not torture yourself.  We all know that if we’re being tortured, we won’t go back for more (not for long anyway), so find a way to make those resolutions work for you, mon.  We’ll be here waiting, cheering you on, and keeping the doors open so you always have a place to take a breath and relax.