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Pink it up! Yo Mon Is Helping to Paint the Town Pink!

May is going to be a very special month at Yo Mon!  Not only is Mother’s Day just around the corner, but we’re going to be painting the town pink all month long!  What do we mean by that?  All through the month of May, Yo Mon will be offering special pink yogurts and pink toppings, as well as various discounts, all in order to draw awareness to breast cancer prevention, namely, early detection and yearly mammograms.  We’re partnering with Paint the Town Pink and Meridian Health to get the word out that having yearly mammograms might just save your life.

In 2006, at RiverviewMedicalCenter, someone took notice of the fact that, even with all the media attention surrounding breast cancer and the advances made in medicine in recent years, the number of women actually getting annual mammograms was disturbingly low.  Recognizing that as a HUGE problem, a group of volunteers set out to spread the word and paint Red Bank pink.  In 2013, almost 25 towns will be painted pink for the month of May!  Paint the Town Pink is proof positive that one person CAN make a difference.

What does it mean to “paint the town pink”?  All participating businesses will have a unique way of working the “pink” message into their store/restaurant/business for the month of May, but basically they’ll all be doing the same thing: integrating the message into the daily lives of women through the places they shop and eat.  In pink towns, everywhere a woman goes, she’ll see messages about the importance of early detection, reminders to get a yearly mammogram, information about treatments, etc.  In addition, women will have the opportunity to pledge to have an annual mammogram.  At pink donation banks, people can donate money to help a woman who might not be able to afford a mammogram get the preventative care that she needs.

These days it’s hard to find someone who has not been touched in some way by breast cancer, and it’s important for people to know that a woman’s best chance to survive breast cancer is through early detection.  Paint the Town Pink passes this message on to women all over town, but even better, it passes the message to everyone else as well.  Women who have breast cancer are not the only people affected by this disease—their families are profoundly affected as well.  The more pink we spread, the more the message gets out to everyone, and the more women can be saved.

Won’t you come out and think pink with us this month?  Put your best pink forward and strut some pink yourself in the month of May to help spread the word!  Come see us at Yo Mon and support the work of Paint the Town Pink.  Fill da cup, feed da soul, spread da pink!