Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Step Up to the Bar at Yo Mon–the Waffle Bar, That is!

Waffle Bar PicBecause we’re always looking for new things to make you smile, we recently installed a Waffle Bar in our Freehold location.  Maybe you’ve seen it?  Tried it?  If you haven’t, you should, and very soon it will be easier than ever for you to do that.  In the next week or so, there will be a Waffle Bar at our Red Bank location as well!

You may be wondering what this Waffle Bar is all about, and we’ll tell you: It’s about deliciousness!  Now, if you’ve been hanging out with us for years eating frozen yogurt, then you’re familiar with the idea of serving yourself.  If you come in for a waffle, you can let that idea go!  Our waffles are made for you and they’re made to order!  We’ve got the waffle batter ready and waiting, the irons are hot and ready to go—you just tell us what you want.  Thinking about having a chocolate chip waffle?  An M&M waffle? No problem!  We can mix that right into the waffle and cook it up—voila! Chocolate chips (or whatever else you may choose) are baked right in!  Looking for some other choice to mix in?  How about sprinkles, Oreos, chocolate covered marshmallows, blueberries, raspberries or strawberries?  All available!

If you’re new to the Waffle Bar experience and want someone else to take the reins, we’ve got you covered there too.  We’ve come up with some really easy ordering options for you, like Da Jamaican, a waffle available in plain, CinnaMon, or Red Velvet (yes, we said Red Velvet!); Da Marley, a Belgian waffle with the choice of two mix-ins; Da Lickle Bites, four mini-waffles with your choice of dipping sauce; or Da Bashy Sunday, two twists with whipped cream and a cherry on top.  But like our frozen yogurt, dese waffles are as creative as you—so have at it!

Yo Mon is more than frozen yogurt; it’s a destination for dessert!  We’ve always got your favorite fro-yo flavors and toppings—that will never change—but we also offer our Yogurt Pops and Flying Saucers, little pieces of fro-yo heaven that we make in-house for you.  And now—waffles!  Want to take the fam out for a special treat after dinner?  Meet up with the team after a big game? Gather some budding musicians to celebrate after their school concert?  Celebrate a birthday?  We’re here for you, and now we have even more options to please everyone in the group!  Come see us and give the Waffle Bar a try!  You know your kids love breakfast for dinner, so how about breakfast for dessert?