Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Thankful for Frozen Yogurt? Then Make it Part of Turkey Dinner (or Dessert!)!

pops and flying saucersIn case you didn’t know yet, Yo Mon has quarts of your favorite fro-yo flavors packaged up and available for sale in our Red Bank store (and we’re working to make the same thing happen in Freehold, so stay tuned!)—and we don’t just mean chocolate and vanilla!  We try to have some of your favorites that you don’t get to eat every week, like Taro Root, in the freezer, too.  Basically, the Yo Mon freezer is like a fro-yo lover’s dream come true that we really want you guys to know about.  I mean, what are you going to do this winter when you get snowed in and can’t make it out to your favorite Yo Mon location?  Will you just go without?  You don’t have to anymore!  Stock up!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, we decided to help you out, to inspire your Thanksgiving dessert table and to give you a few hints of what to do with your Yo-to-Go! 

  1. Just eat it.  Grab the whole carton and a spoon and curl up with a blanket, a movie and your favorite frozen yogurt.  Indulge.  You deserve a break, right?  If you feel the need to share, dole out your fro-yo as a low-calorie dessert or snack.  Your kiddies will be thrilled when they see you pull your Yo-to-Go out of the freezer!  Instant brownie points.
  2. Get creative!  Hit Pinterest and search for frozen yogurt recipes and start creating!  A quick search turned up Berry Breakfast Frozen Yogurt Popsicles, Frozen Yogurt Pies, and lots of varieties of yogurt pops (although we didn’t see any quite as lovely as the yogurt pops we make in-house; ours are dipped in chocolate, you know).
  3. We’re all looking for new and delicious recipes for the holidays, right? Preferably, these recipes should be delicious and somewhat good for us, too. It’s Thanksgiving time right now, but the season of splurge is a long one, so why not cut the calories without cutting the taste on the dessert table this year?  And if you can make these treats ahead of time, so much the better!  Because we love you, we’ll let you borrow our Flying Saucer idea for the holidays.  Grab your favorite fro-yo at Yo Mon, whip up a batch of your favorite cookies and make a dessert sandwich!  Feel free to experiment—your kids will not mind being guinea pigs this time.  How about Snickerdoodles with Pumpkin or Apple Pie fro-yo?  Ginger Snaps with Taro Root?  Classic chocolate chip with Birthday Cake or Cookies ‘n Cream fro-yo?  Or take it to the grown-up level with chocolate-chocolate chip cookies and Espresso frozen yogurt!  Do you see how easy and fun this could be?  You can even make these ahead and keep them in freezer to take a little pressure off on the big day.
  4. Another dessert/treat idea—frozen yogurt parfaits.  Grab your favorite flavors and layer them in some fancy glasses with fruit (it’s not that hard to find pretty, plastic glasses these days either—you’ll have the look you want without the fear of breakage!).  Your children will be eating healthy while feeling very important with their fancy-looking dessert.  They won’t even realize (or care!) that you slipped some nutrition into their dessert!

We’re all about making your life easier at Yo Mon.  The freezer is up and running in Red Bank right now, so Yo-to-Go couldn’t be easier.  Come in and check out the flavors, feel free to make a request, and then get busy creating!