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What You Say? Jamaican Speak, Part 2

A while back, we gave you a primer on some of our favorite Jamaican words and phrases.  Because it’s ridiculously cold, and we just read about a man who claims to be able to stay warm by meditating and thinking warm thoughts, we thought we’d bring the islands to you.  When the windchill is 15 below zero and you can’t seem to get warm, sit and daydream about lying on a beach in Jamaica to turn your internal temp up!  We will be testing this theory out as soon as possible!  In an effort to take this experiment to the next level, may we suggest you put your Jamaican conversational skills to work?  Use these Jamaicans words to strike up a beach conversation, feel the sun on your face, and warm up from the inside out!

Iree (I-ree)—Means everything is alright.  We’re guessing that on a beach in Jamaica, everything is iree, mon.

A go (ah-go)—Means to go or will go.  For example, “Mi a go a Yo Mon after dinner.  I need some Taro Root fro-yo!”

Big up—This is a way of saying “What’s up?”; it can also be used as a tribute.  When you’re imagining yourself on that beach in Jamaica with your Taro Root fro-yo, this one little phrase may help you make friends!

Cha/Cho—This is an expression of surprise.  For example: “Cha! What do you mean you ran out of Campfire Marshmallow?”

A yasso nice!—If you’re having a really good time on that beach in Jamaica, feel free to tell anyone who’ll listen all about it! “A yasso nice! This beach is amazing!”

Full joy/Fun joy—This one’s pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? It just means to enjoy or enjoyment.  “Mi have full joy wit dis cup of Cookies ‘n Cream!”

Shell dun/ Shell dung, shelly, sick, slap weh, maad—Essentially, all of these words mean “awesome.”  Some examples are:

“She got maad skills, mon.”

“Di fro-yo did shelly.”

“Di concert deh sick!”

You get the point right?

IMG_1117Swaggerific—Means extremely cool and stylish; full of swagger.  You  know someone like this, right?  We do!  He’s wearing our logo!  Feel free to insert your own person into your beach dream, if you’d like.:)

Yu swag tun up—The first time we saw someone walk into one of our stores with a Yo Mon tank top on, we thought, “Yu swag tun up!” (or “You look great!”)

Our advice: If you can’t get to the islands, we’ll bring our island state of mind to you.  Practice your new Jamaican speak on us!  Come yah to any Yo Mon and let your Jamaican fly!  In the meantime, enjoy that beach time in your head—we’ll be soaking up some imaginary rays too.;)