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Where in the World is Frozen Yogurt? Everywhere!

Yo Mon UgandaFrozen yogurt is admittedly one of the most popular treats in the US, frozen or otherwise; and as you saw recently on our Facebook page, we’re spreading the Yo Mon love as far as Uganda via our merchandise.  But did you ever wonder where this little frozen gem has traveled?

Our research indicates that the first frozen yogurt was served in the 1980’s in New England by H.P. Hood and it was called Frogurt.  But what then?  How far is the reach of frozen yogurt?  We know there was a resurgence of the fro-yo love that took off in Southern California, home to many, many healthy food trends, and eventually spread across the country like a delicious weather front until your favorite frozen yogurt hub (that’s us :)) was born.  Did you know that you can thank a trend in Asia for some of your current favorite frozen yogurt flavors (and maybe the even the wave of popularity that brought it to your neck of the Jersey woods)?  Send some grateful hugs to South Korea, mon, for flavors like Green Tea and Lychee (just to name a few).

There are actually few corners of the world that frozen yogurt hasn’t touched.  Outside of the US, the largest contingent of fro-yo aficionados live in the Middle East.  We think it’s kind of a given considering the weather, but you may be surprised to know that countries like Russia are also filling da cup–there are frozen yogurt shops now in Moscow, too.  In fact, we think you’re unlikely to find a continent without fro-yo.  Take note:  There are frozen yogurt shops in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, the Philippines (all over Southeast Asia, actually), South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Australia, New Zealand, Greece and all over Europe.  How about South America, you ask?  Uh-huh.  And Canada, too, of course.  We’re not so sure the fro-yo has spread to Antartica yet, but we think 6 out of 7 continents isn’t bad.  From all the market forecasts we’re seeing, the frozen yogurt industry is growing rapidly worldwide.  But why not, right?  It’s a low-fat, tasty treat in a range of flavors (both traditional and non-traditional).  Throw in some healthy probiotics, and you can’t really ask more of dessert, can you?  Honestly, when we went looking for countries that were feeling the fro-yo cravings, we didn’t expect to find quite so many. Proof positive that delicious is delicious no matter your location.

So, where might Yo Mon go next?  Only time will tell.  We’re hoping to take our particular brand of Jamaican chill to hungry fro-yo lovers everywhere!  We’re franchising!  What do you think?  Where in the world should Yo Mon wake up taste buds next?