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Where the Boys Are—Boysenberries, That Is

We try to keep things new and fresh, while still cycling through all of your favorite flavors before you forget what they taste like, and we love to keep you guessing and trying new things like taro root, lychee and green tea flavored frozen yogurt.  And what we hear back from some of you is that you like to go out on a flavor limb and taste something new every now and then—and so we oblige.  This week, we’ve loaded up one of our machines with Boysenberry!  You might have tasted boysenberries before OR maybe you’re so familiar with its berry cousins that you wouldn’t bat an eye before topping your yogurt with them, but just in case you’re wondering exactly what a boysenberry is, we’re going to break it down for you.

Boysenberries look very much like a blackberry, but are actually a cross between a European Raspberry, a Common Blackberry, a Loganberry, and an American Dewberry. Sounds like a good combination, huh?  The people at Knott’s Berry Farm thought so too, and it’s their commitment to the boysenberry that helped them rise to fame.

Once upon a time, George Darrow, of the USDA, got curious about a reddish-purple berry he’d been hearing about being grown on the farm of Rudolf Boysen in northern California.  So, he called up Walter Knott, a famed “berry expert’ in southern California, and asked him to help research this berry mystery.  Knott hadn’t heard of this berry before, but being a berry guy, he was curious.  They found out that Mr. Boysen had abandoned his berry experiments and sold his farm, so they took a little field trip to see what was left.  They found some sad-looking vines still holding on in a field of weeds and rescued them.  Ultimately, Knott took them back to his own farm, nursed them back to health and became the first person to cultivate boysenberries commercially in southern California.  He started selling the berries at his farm stand in 1932, and people just kept coming back for more.  Soon after, his wife began making preserves with the berries, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Knott’s Berry Farms rose to fame, as did the boysenberry.  Boysenberries grow up and down the west coast of the US, but commercially speaking, they are grown primarily in Oregon.  And now you can fill da cup with Boysenberry frozen yogurt at Yo Mon!

We’ve never met a berry we didn’t like, and since fruit and fro-yo go together like peas and carrots, we’re betting that you haven’t either.  May we suggest that you fill da cup with some Boysenberry yogurt (and maybe a lilly bit of regular Tart yogurt, too), and top it with some of its famous berry cousins, some graham crackers, and maybe a chocolate chip or two (or some chocolate syrup!)?  We think it will warm up your day—like sunshine in da cup!  Got any other ideas for Boysenberry toppings?  Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!