Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Why You Want to Wear Yo Mon Branded Merchandise

1.  People will see the words “Yo Mon” plastered across you and they will think you’re friendly, like islanders.  People will smile at you more often, trust us.

2.  We love bright colors so we decorate everything with them.  Bright colors are said to improve moods.  Don’t believe us, click here.

3.  We only put our logo on fun stuff like tank tops, skim boards, flying saucers, sunglasses, lip balm and the occasional hoodie.  Algebra book covers and calculators are not allowed.

4.  You’ll make people hungry.  This is good because then they will want to go have frozen yogurt with you, and your dating life will become much easier. Two-for-One Smoothie nights don’t hurt either.

5.  People who see you and are confused by the “Yo Mon” will ask you about it, and you’ll make new friends.  Once you take them to Yo Mon you will have friends for life.

6.  You will be easily recognizable at SkimBash and may end up with your picture on our Facebook page like this guy. —>IMG_1117

7.  People will follow you around at SkimBash and other events hoping you will lead them to the frozen yogurt, thus creating an entourage which will make you look very important.

8.  If you use our very special Yo Mon-branded skimboard at next year’s SkimBash, people will think you’re as cool as this guy.—>IMG_1122  They will take your picture and make you famous (at least on the Jersey Shore).

9. When you wear (or use) Yo Mon merchandise, you’ll think of your Yo Mon favorites and smile.  Wearing something that makes you smile is an excellent way to pick up your day.

10.  We make it really easy to earn fun, Yo Mon merchandise with our Spot On Rewards.   The more frozen yogurt/Smoothies/Yogurt Pops you eat, the more points you earn, the more you can adorn yourself with Yo Mon goodness.  And all that yogurt eating will just make you happy, so that’s a double score for you!

11.  You’ll have our unending gratitude and good karma will follow you wherever you go.

12.  You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses or too much lip balm—you know you’re always misplacing those things.

13.  Your Yo Mon hoodie will remind you of warmer times when you’re zipped up tight and layered under your winter coat in February.  It will be like wearable sunshine!

14.  When people see the words “Yo Mon” they think of beaches and reggae and Bob Marley, thus bringing them a feeling of peace and tranquility.  You can be our official “Yo Mon Whisperer.”

15.  Did we mention the unending gratitude and good karma?