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Step Up to the Bar at Yo Mon–the Waffle Bar, That is!

Waffle Bar PicBecause we’re always looking for new things to make you smile, we recently installed a Waffle Bar in our Freehold location.  Maybe you’ve seen it?  Tried it?  If you haven’t, you should, and very soon it will be easier than ever for you to do that.  In the next week or so, there will be a Waffle Bar at our Red Bank location as well!

You may be wondering ...

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Pass the Fro-Yo, Trim the Fat

Yo Mon girlGet your spoons ready, girls, and bring on the yogurt!  Researchers have found evidence that bacteria found in yogurt may help women lose weight when on a diet and keep it off!  Hallelujah and pass the low-fat fro-yo! The findings, which were recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition, also mention how probiotics might react with the microbes living in all of our intestinal tracts to help ...

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What You Say? Jamaican Speak, Part 2

A while back, we gave you a primer on some of our favorite Jamaican words and phrases.  Because it’s ridiculously cold, and we just read about a man who claims to be able to stay warm by meditating and thinking warm thoughts, we thought we’d bring the islands to you.  When the windchill is 15 below zero and you can’t seem to get warm, sit and daydream about lying on a beach in Jamaica to turn your internal temp up! ...

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Franchise Me This—Spreading the Yo Mon Spirit

YMY Red Bank 1You may not know this, but Yo Mon is franchising!  We’re looking for people who want to bring our particular brand of chill to their little corner of the world.  Some of you may be wondering if the world has room for one more frozen yogurt store, and our answer (and the answer of the franchise industry) is a ...

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New Year’s Resolutions—Yo Mon Style

Every year, people all over the world make New Year’s resolutions—promises to themselves about changes they’re going to make in the coming year.  Most often we vow to lose weight, get healthy, save more money or get organized.  Here are a couple of statistics about New Year’s resolutions and the people who make them (according to The Huffington Post):

  1. Only 1 in 2.2 people in the US (of the 317 million adults) will bother to make ...
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Where in the World is Frozen Yogurt? Everywhere!

Yo Mon UgandaFrozen yogurt is admittedly one of the most popular treats in the US, frozen or otherwise; and as you saw recently on our Facebook page, we’re spreading the Yo Mon love as far as Uganda via our merchandise.  But did you ever wonder where this little frozen gem has traveled?

Our research indicates that the first frozen yogurt was served in ...

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History of da Candy Cane, Mon

Candy CanesWe’ve got it on tap at Yo Mon this time of year, and for good reason—da candy cane is Christmas’s favorite treat!  We love to fill da cup with it and add a little chocolate for an extra special treat—whether on top on right in da cup (Da Dark Chocolate).  As we often do when we sit down with our favorite ...

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Just Say No to Oreos? Maybe Not…

Finally, someone understands that when people are looking for a treat, it’s hard to say no to cookies and candy!  Most of the time when we talk to you about keeping da cup healthy, we tell you to top it with fruits and nuts—and that’s still true!  But how hard is it to walk right past the Oreos or cookie dough and scoop some pineapple?  Maybe not that hard for some, but for lots of others, it’s pretty tricky.  So, ...

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In the Spirit: Bringing Jamaican Christmas to Jersey

It can be cold and dreary this time of year in Jersey, so we thought we’d give you a glimpse into a Jamaican Christmas—maybe you can bring da islands to you, mon?  Apparently, at Christmas time in Jamaica, lots of people paint their houses, and hang new curtains and decorations.  With the family coming over for Christmas dinner, what better time to spruce things up a bit, right? You may not want to paint your house during a Jersey winter, ...

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Yo Mon’s Reasons to be Thankful, 2013

IMG_1088We have a lot of fun everyday at Yo Mon, and we know that everyone isn’t able to say that about their job.  So, we thought it only fitting at this time of year, that we reflect on all the reasons we’re grateful.  Here goes!

  1. We have a lot of fun every day. Yes, we already said it, but it bears repeating.
  2. We eat a lot of frozen yogurt.  We have ...
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