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Why You Want to Wear Yo Mon Branded Merchandise

1.  People will see the words “Yo Mon” plastered across you and they will think you’re friendly, like islanders.  People will smile at you more often, trust us.

2.  We love bright colors so we decorate everything with them.  Bright colors are said to improve moods.  Don’t believe us, click here.

3.  We only put our logo on fun stuff like tank tops, skim boards, flying saucers, sunglasses, lip balm and the occasional hoodie.  Algebra book covers and calculators are not allowed.

4.  You’ll make people ...

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Yo Mon is Your Chocolate Connection (with a Side of Reggae)

We don’t think it will come as any great surprise to you that chocolate is one of our most popular favorites.  Do you know many (or any, for that matter) people who don’t like chocolate?  We once knew a man who was allergic to chocolate but loved it so much that, during business meetings, he’d take a Benedryl and pull the bowl of M and M’s in front of himself.  A little while later, you’d see him start to scratch.  ...

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SkimBash, Take Two–Grab Your Skimboard, Mon!

Yo Mon SkimboarderSkimBash is back and Yo Mon is ready! SkimBash is the JerseyShore’s premiere Pro/Am Skimboarding Contest, and we’re looking for big crowds again this year!  SkimBash will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 7th and 8th in Sea Bright, one of the Jersey Shore’s most-loved locations. The first event took place in Belmar in June; and now, it’s time ...

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Yo Mon Loves You! We Really, Really Do!

Yo SunglassesWe love our customers here at Yo Mon, so we try to make your time here more than just delicious—we try to make it fun!  And now, we’d like to make it rewarding!  What do we mean by that, exactly?

Well, we’re starting a loyalty rewards program just for you—a way to give a little something back to the people who give us so much!  Here’s how it works: Come ...

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Pomegranate Rising—An Ancient Fruit Makes a Comeback

Pomegranates have literally been around for millennia.  Remember the Greek myth of Persephone, queen of the underworld?  Well, she might never have been queen if not for the pomegranate!  It was because Persephone ate 6 pomegranate seeds in Hades that she was condemned to stay there for 6 months of the year; this was the ancient Greek explanation for seasons.

We promise that when you grab da cup of Pomegranate frozen yogurt at Yo Mon, we’ll still let you go home.:)  Know ...

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Mellow Out, Mon: Yo Mon and Marley’s Mellow Mood Drink

Marleys Mellow Mood DrinksYo Mon Frozen Yogurt is thrilled, excited, over the moon (anything but mellow) about the newest offering in our stores: Marley’s Mellow Mood Drinks!  Marley’s are designed to de-stress, calm down and basically put you at peace with the world.  The drinks have been created in partnership with the family of reggae legend, Bob Marley, and are made with all sorts of lovely, calming botanicals like lemon ...

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All Fruits Ripe at Yo Mon!

Fruit and yogurtWe know that the phrase “all fruits ripe” means everything’s well and good in Jamaican, but at Yo Mon we have two meanings: Everything’s great AND our fruit toppings are the best and freshest around! Last week, our blog was all about the dairy products we use and the care we put into choosing them. We want them to be free of rBGH, as well as artificial ...

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Healthy Cows, Healthy Yogurt, Healthy You (with Yo Mon’s Help!)

What do you know about rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone)?  If you go to the trouble to buy organic milk, you might know more than the average Joe, but let us break it down for you: rBGH is a synthetic (man-made) hormone given to cows to help them produce more milk.  This hormone was originally developed and sold under the name Posilac by Monsanto, but in 2008, it was bought by Eli Lilly.  So far as the impact on the ...

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If You Build It, They Will Come: Yo Mon Welcomes Skateboarders

Yo Mon Skateboards 2Okay, our skateboarding friends were coming anyway, but the point is that we want to make it a little easier for them!  Very soon, Yo Mon will have a skateboard rack hanging up front so all of our yogurt-loving, skate-boarding customers will have a place to park!  And we’re so excited about it!  Skateboarding, in case you haven’t noticed, ...

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The History of FroYo—Then and Now

cupWhat we wish we were bringing you is a great musical skit from Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, History-of-Rap style, but they haven’t made one yet about frozen yogurt.  We’re sure they’d be inspired to get right on it if they’d visited a Yo Mon location; but we haven’t seen them yet, so you’ll have to wait.  In the meantime, take a trip back with us to the beginnings of ...

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