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Jamaica Cool: Some Famous (and Favorite!) Jamaicans Redefine Cool

Come on, admit it: When you think of the words “Jamaica” and “cool,” you think of Bob Marley and Yo Mon.  It’s okay!  Bob Marley was, is and will always be cool in ways that define and redefine the term.  Beyond great hair and amazing music, he was a revolutionary, a fighter, and a staunch supporter of his people.  And we know that Yo Mon brings the cool, literally and figuratively, to the Jersey Shore every single day, but there’s ...

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Yo Mon! It’s Time for SkimBash!

SkimBashYo Mon is so excited to be involved again this year with SkimBash, the premier Pro/Am skim boarding contest on the JerseyShore.  This weekend, the first event takes place in Belmar.  On Saturday, there will be preliminary heats, and Sunday will bring the semi-finals and finals.  Skim boarders of all ages and skill levels are welcome!  Riders who participate in ...

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Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt—Soul Soother, Problem Solver?

08So, what’s the big deal about frozen yogurt?  If you’ve spent time with us at Yo Mon then you know: Frozen yogurt is really good!  It’s a frozen dessert that can boast low or no-fat varieties, probiotics, and a self-serve concept that lets YOU control how much you do or do not eat (and we didn’t even mention the toppings yet!).  Is ...

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Hold the Phone! Yo Mon has an App!

Yo Mon appYep!  You heard us right!  Keeping up with Yo Mon is as easy as clicking “download” in the app store.  The Yo Mon app is free and will keep you up-to-date on all the happenings at Yo Mon!

When Yo Mon owners, Michael and Jennifer Mann, decided that they wanted to have an app created for Yo Mon and all of its ...

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Summer, Summer, Summertime…at Yo Mon!

Some people say that summer officially begins Memorial Day weekend—that’s when all the pools open, right?  The calendar says that summer begins on June 21st, or the summer solstice.  We say that as soon as the weather turns warm and we hear Will Smith singing about summertime—we’re there!  But maybe summer is a state of mind.

Think about it:  If you could live your life with the sun on your face, the days stretching out into night like a lazy cat, ...

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RiverFest Comes But Once a Year, Mon!

RiverFest 2012 LogoAnd we’re so excited that the time is almost here again!!

Once a year, the town of Red Bank comes together as a community to meet, to mingle, and…to have a great, big party!  It’s that time of year again, Red Bank!  Time for RiverFest 2013!  You know what that means, right?  It means that the “hippest town in New  Jersey” ...

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Come Yah and Franchise with Yo Mon!

YMY Red Bank 2When Jennifer and Michael Mann decided to step into the world of frozen yogurt, they did their research; but they looked at more than just what works or what doesn’t.  They really thought about creating a space that people would want to be in.  Somewhere fun, where families and friends would want to hang out and relax—a place that would make people smile, where everyone fits, everyone ...

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Pink it up! Yo Mon Is Helping to Paint the Town Pink!

May is going to be a very special month at Yo Mon!  Not only is Mother’s Day just around the corner, but we’re going to be painting the town pink all month long!  What do we mean by that?  All through the month of May, Yo Mon will be offering special pink yogurts and pink toppings, as well as various discounts, all in order to draw awareness to breast cancer prevention, namely, early detection and yearly mammograms.  We’re partnering with ...

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You Say Potato, We Say Taro Root: Singing the Praises of Our Favorite Root Vegetable

When our patrons talk, we listen, and here’s what we’re hearing:  There is a small but devoted (and dare we say, growing?) group of Taro Root-loving frozen yogurt eaters out there!  And we love them!  If you haven’t tried Taro Root frozen yogurt, and you’re thinking, “That sounds gross; hand me a cup of Birthday Cake/ Cookie Mash, please,” we understand.  Birthday Cake/ Cookie Mash is really good, but sometimes you have to step outside of your taste bud-comfort zone ...

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The Sunshine Vitamin: Yo Mon Sheds Some Light on Vitamin D

We all know vitamin D is important to the body, but do you actually know what it does or the best ways to get it?  In the simplest terms, vitamin D is important to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.  It helps the body absorb calcium, which in turn, helps to form and maintain strong bones.  It helps to increase bone mineral density and reduce fractures; and some research suggests that it gives some protection from ...

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