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Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt—Soul Soother, Problem Solver?

08So, what’s the big deal about frozen yogurt?  If you’ve spent time with us at Yo Mon then you know: Frozen yogurt is really good!  It’s a frozen dessert that can boast low or no-fat varieties, probiotics, and a self-serve concept that lets YOU control how much you do or do not eat (and we didn’t even mention the toppings yet!).  Is it any wonder that frozen yogurt has taken off in such a big way and just continues to grow?

Not really.  The 80’s and 90’s both saw a fro-yo rise and fall, but frozen yogurt isn’t just holding steady now, it’s steadily growing.  According to IBISWorld, an L.A.-based market research firm, fro-yo chains generate $1.6 billion in sales every year.  That’s not a number to shake your spoon at!

If you ask people what they love about frozen yogurt, you’ll get lots of great answers:  it tastes good, it’s a dessert I don’t feel guilty about, I can control how much I am served, but how about the social aspects of a fro-yo meet and greet?  In the Washington Post, Petula Dvorak asserts that frozen yogurt is more than just a great tasting frozen treat—she says that for women, frozen yogurt is like a glass of wine but for the daytime.

Petula laments the decline of frozen yogurt in the nineties and couldn’t be happier about the comeback and the evident staying power of her favorite mid-day break dessert.  It’s that 3 o’clock coffee break that the girls are looking forward to; a time to meet up and talk it all out over a cup of low-fat taro root.  We all know the old cliché about girls and ice cream, right?  Well, clichés are clichés because they are true.  Very often, girls do get together and cry over ice cream or celebrate with cake.  Sweets are important to most of us girls (but not all girls!), it’s true; and to be able to meet up with the girls for lunch or a snack that is not only dessert, but healthy and low fat, is nothing short of a dream come true.  Ask me about the times that I skipped lunch and ate an upside-down banana split with my best friend instead.  Yes, I did it—more than once—but now I don’t have to feel guilty  because I ate 1000 calories with chocolate syrup on top when I had a bad day!  I can eat frozen yogurt!

Here are just a few quotes that Petula gathered at her local yogurt place in DC:Yo Mon girl

“Frozen yogurt and manicures — that’s what girlfriends do.”–Renee Haskett, 21, of Gaithersburg, MD.

“We talk about everything when we eat this.”– Philice Cowan, an 18-year-old Environmental Protection Agency intern.

“It’s definitely a girl thing.”–Danielle Moore, 18, an Agriculture Department intern from Silver Spring, MD.

While we agree with Petula about the sharing power of a cup of fro-yo, and we see lots of ladies meeting up and hanging out, solving the world’s problems over a cup of their favorite yogurt, we also see lots of families too—and we love that!  At Yo Mon, we’ve tried to create a space where everyone feels comfortable, where you can come in, take a breath and just relax for a while.  Right next to our favorite ladies, we’ve got teenagers congregating in the corner, a t-ball team lined up and ready to eat, and a father/daughter pair tucked away together, talking.  Frozen yogurt is here to stay because it’s delicious and healthy, and because when you pair it with the right environment, it can soothe a soul.

If you’d like to read the original Washington Post article, click here.