Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Yo Mon Loves You! We Really, Really Do!

Yo SunglassesWe love our customers here at Yo Mon, so we try to make your time here more than just delicious—we try to make it fun!  And now, we’d like to make it rewarding!  What do we mean by that, exactly?

Well, we’re starting a loyalty rewards program just for you—a way to give a little something back to the people who give us so much!  Here’s how it works: Come in for your Taro Root, Peanut Butter/ Chocolate, Caramel/ Apple—whatever your favorite frozen yogurt happens to be—and get a card or download the Spot On app (it’s FREE!) to your smart phone.

Every time you come into Yo Mon for your favorite fix of fro-yo, you check in on the Spot On tablet in theYo Tank and Sunglasses store and earn a “spot.”  It’s easy to check in—just scan your card or app on the tablet and you’re done!  Once you accumulate a certain number of spots, you can trade them in for Yo Mon swag like sunglasses, lip balm, tank tops, hoodies or coolers!  Soon, we’ll have a display set up in our Red Bank location of Yo Sweatshirtall the merch and how many spots you’ll need to take them home with you.  Right now, Red Bank is the lucky location to start this program, but don’t worry Freebank!  Spot On rewards are coming to you soon!

Occasionally, we’ll send you even more love in the way of special offers sent right to your phone, email, Facebook or Twitter accounts (your choice!).  It really doesn’t get much easier than this!

So, do what you do—eat frozen yogurt for lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, late-night treat, dessert with the fam, or a no-reason-needed fro-yo fix—and we’ll take care of tracking your points, stocking your Yo Coolerfavorite Yo Mon merchandise, and delivering occasional deals.  Bring your friends, pack the kiddies up and come in, ride your skateboard on over—we’re waiting to fill da cup, feed da soul, and reward you just for being loyal you!  Yo LipbalmSee you soon, mon!