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Yo Mon Yogurt Red Bank, NJ
Why is Yo Mon Jammin’?

The finest ingredients, blended into a superbly creamy texture, combined with an incredible array of toppings that YOU, the customer, get to select, while enjoying in a relaxed environment! Dairy-free & sugar-free flavors available for diabetic and lactose intolerant conditions!.

Yo Mon Yogurt Freehold, NJ
Mon, It Is All Bout Da Quality!

Yo Mon™ Frozen Yogurt is made by adding specially selected bacterial cultures to milk after pasteurization. The cultures convert the milk’s sugar to lactic acid, and give yogurt its unique tart flavor and creamy texture. We add sugar to sweeten the final yogurt and to preserve its quality.

Yo Mon Franchise
Heap a Flavors, Heap a Fresh Toppings

Yo Mon™ Frozen Yogurt is available in at least 10 different basic flavors served in sophisticated, self-serve dispenser-gizmos (really cool to operate, Mon), with dozens of unique, cold and dry toppings, featuring carefully selected healthy fruits and berries.

Da Weeks Flavors >

Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Coupons
Yo Mon Get ‘Em Specials

Yo Mon™ Frozen Yogurt provides customers with one of the best loyalty programs around: First get one of our loyalty cards. Then, purchase five frozen yogurts, and your sixth one is FREE not to exceed 10oz. ! A Chillin’ Deal Mon!?

Yo Mon Specials >

Yo Mon Yogurt has a store in Freehold, New Jersey

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