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Bringing the Pumpkin Patch to Yo Mon

There’s something about pumpkins that just screams fall, and we are not immune to the power of the pumpkin here at Yo Mon.  In fact, we’re pretty excited about all the pumpkin flavors in the air.  Just this past week, we were serving up Pumpkin paired with Cheesecake and Pecan Praline fro-yo!  And in case you don’t know yet, we’ve got Yogurt Pops in Pumpkin Latte (with chocolate drizzle!)!  In case you haven’t gotten into the hay wagon with any Pumpkin treats yet this fall, we’re here to tell you a few reasons why you should.

1.   Pumpkin is delicious.  Period.

2.  Pumpkin is an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory food, so it’s good for your joints, your organs, your stress level and your taste buds!

3.  Pumpkins are loaded with vitamin A, so they help protect your eyes from degeneration and cataracts!

4.  Pumpkin contains L tryptophan (yep, the same tryptophan in your Thanksgiving turkey) which is said to lessen symptoms of depression and make you feel more mellow, much like a Marley’s Mellow Mood Drink.

5. Pumpkin also has lots of potassium and zinc, both of which are great for your heart and may help prevent cardiovascular disease and hypertension.  Zinc’s also a bonus for your immune system and skin.

6.  Pumpkin seeds are loaded with magnesium, zinc, protein and potassium.

7.  All of that potassium makes eating pumpkin a great way to boost your electrolytes.  So, skip the bananas after your workout and reach for some pumpkin because the potassium in pumpkins (564mg) trumps the amount in your standard banana (422 mg), AND pumpkins are packing way less sugar than bananas (2 grams in pumpkin vs. 22 grams in a banana).

8.  Pumpkin seeds are also high in plant-based fatty acids which are helpful in controlling cholesterol levels, protecting against arthritis, helping your skin and aiding in brain function.

9.  Pumpkins are a great way to get your fiber (3 grams/cup), and fiber helps your body get rid of toxins.  Another perk: 1 cup of pumpkin has only 49 calories.  Add that to the amount of fiber (which can also help you feel full), and you may be looking at a key ingredient in a fiber-rich eating plan that could help you lose weight.

10.  Pumpkins are like vitamin C factories, and you know how important vitamin C can be in helping you fight off colds, etc. in the colder months. One cup of cooked pumpkin contains nearly 20 percent of the 60 mg of vitamin C that women need daily.

11.  The lovely orange color of pumpkins comes from their abundance of carotids, which can help prevent premature aging and heart disease.  Eat your pumpkin and stay young at heart (and look it too!).

12. Beta-carotene may play a role in cancer prevention.

13.  Canned pumpkin is one of a very few veggies that are actually even better than their fresh counterparts.  Canned pumpkin is fresh pumpkin concentrated, so its nutrients are packed in and actually easier for your body to absorb. Experts say that canned pumpkin is actually one of the healthiest foods around.

When most of us think of fall, we think of cool nights, jackets, brightly-colored leaves and pumpkins.  Some of you may like to add a little pumpkin flavor to your coffee or cook up a pumpkin pie, but we like to fill da cup with it.  It feeds our autumn-loving souls.  What’s your favorite way to eat some pumpkin?