Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Dessert Doesn’t Have to Hurt at Yo Mon!

If roughly 10 percent of your daily caloric intake can be taken up by ‘treats,’ and you’re having an average of 2000 calories/day, how many “treat” calories can you have every day? We know you don’t come into Yo Mon for a math quiz, so we’ll tell you: about 200. So, how do you get the most bang for your calories?

You don’t drive through a fast food restaurant and grab a milkshake (on average 500 calories or more in a size small) or grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a spoon. You should reach for the frozen yogurt. We did a little research, and we have to strum our own ukulele for a minute. The Daily Beast chronicled 40 Desserts That Can Kill You, and we think it’s worth taking a look at. The best news? We’re not on it!

Here’s why: Frozen yogurt is a low-fat, low-cal, dessert (or snack) with actual nutritional benefits. Imagine that! Most of us like a little something sweet to finish off a meal, celebrate a moment, or relax with friends. If education, according to Horace Mann, is the great equalizer, we say that food is the great socializer. If you have a sweet tooth AND you want to eat well while out with friends or family, very often, things go wrong around dessert. Maybe you managed to stick to grilled chicken and fresh veggies, but you were craving chocolate in the end. If you rely on the dessert menu of your local chain restaurant, you may be eating your way over a calorie cliff. So, step out. Take a walk. Eat some yogurt—frozen that is!

You can have your dessert and eat it too when you’re talking about frozen yogurt. With our average size cup ranging from – to – calories, you can maybe even throw on a topping or two. Looking to find your former girlish figure? Trim your belt size before summer comes? Don’t fill your cup all the way. Go halfway, and then load fruit on top. Feeling left out while everyone eats their Oreos and Heath Bar toppings? Join the party with rainbow sprinkles! Sprinkles are like sparkles—they make everything better. At Yo Mon, we pair up complementary flavors that we think you’ll like, so mix two flavors for a more complex taste. Go ahead and eat your dessert, have a snack with your kid after school or Saturday soccer—it doesn’t have to break you.

In the case of frozen yogurt, dessert may even help make you. We’ve talked before about the nutritional benefits of frozen yogurt (potassium, protein, and live active cultures), so we ask you: When was the last time your dessert gave something back? Maybe it was the last time you came into Yo Mon. Dessert doesn’t have to hurt, Mon.