Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

Fill da Cup, Feed da Soul, Grab da Insulin?—Not at Yo Mon

It makes sense that dessert can be a dicey subject for people with diabetes, but sometimes everyone needs a little something sweet, right?  Managing diabetes is a balancing act and requires that a person be educated, diligent and aware about exactly what goes into their food.  They don’t just look at the amount of sugar either, but the number of carbs, the fat content, and on.  Nutritional information is imperative.  With that in mind, we turn to the subject of frozen yogurt—yay or nay for a diabetic?

Typically, diabetics need to stay away from sugary, fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods, so answering the fro-yo question really depends on what kind of fro-yo you’re speaking about.  It comes down to reading labels (nutritional information) and knowing your limits (and serving sizes).  If you can get your paws on some fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt, then that’s your best bet.  Also, hold your portion size to about a half cup (that’s a unit of measurement, not a half of whatever size cup you stumble upon, mon).  Now, we know it’s easy to get carried away and think, “I’ll just have a little bit of this one and a little of this one…..and a tiny bit of this one,” until suddenly your cup is overflowing, but when you’re dealing with a condition like diabetes, you already know that self-discipline is important.  So, get your cup, use your best estimate and enjoy your half cup.

Once you’ve got your fro-yo sorted, you’re confronted with the toppings.  We all know that this is where things can go wrong when we’re trying to watch what we eat, but for a diabetic, this can be a mini minefield.  Yo Mon makes sure that every day we’re putting out only the freshest and best fruit we can find on our toppings bar.  We know that while everyone is here for a little treat, some more than others need/want to watch what they eat, so there are always plenty of healthy options on our toppings bar to take your frozen yogurt to another level of deliciousness.  Stick with fresh berries and chopped nuts, for instance.

It’s possible for diabetics to sate that sweet tooth at Yo Mon, so long as they do it wisely.  In addition to frozen yogurt being available in fat-free and sugar-free varieties, it also has the benefit of containing beneficial bacteria and protein—frozen yogurt is not strictly an indulgence—you’re getting some good stuff, too.  Isn’t that good to know?  Come on into Yo Mon and know that every week, we offer a no-sugar-added flavor of fro-yo; and every day, we stock our toppings bar with fruits that would make even our candy kings happy to toss some on top of da cup.  We know it’s not always easy for our diabetic friends to relax and enjoy a little dessert, but we hope that when you come to Yo Mon, like everyone else there, you can relax, fill da cup, and feed da soul.