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Healthy Cows, Healthy Yogurt, Healthy You (with Yo Mon’s Help!)

What do you know about rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone)?  If you go to the trouble to buy organic milk, you might know more than the average Joe, but let us break it down for you: rBGH is a synthetic (man-made) hormone given to cows to help them produce more milk.  This hormone was originally developed and sold under the name Posilac by Monsanto, but in 2008, it was bought by Eli Lilly.  So far as the impact on the cows treated, they are pretty significant.  Cows are looking at a nearly 25% increase in the risk of clinical mastitis, a 40% reduction in fertility, and 55% increase in the risk of lameness.  Not so great if you’re a cow, huh?

There are also lots of questions and concerns surrounding the potential health concerns it poses for humans.  The first is: Does drinking the milk of cows treated with this hormone increase a specific hormone in humans (IGF-1) that could potentially increase the risk of certain types of cancer (especially breast and prostate cancer)?  The second concern is: Cows treated with rBGH tend to develop more udder infections (mastitis) than cows not treated with the hormone, thus requiring an increased need for antibiotics.  Does this increase in antibiotic use then cause a rise in more antibiotic-resistant bacteria and does that risk then pass to humans?  Big, important questions.

So far, the evidence in studies on the increased risk of cancer has been “inconclusive.”  The increased use of antibiotics does give antibiotic-resistant bacteria a hand up, but it’s not yet clear how that affects humans, according to scientists.  But here’s another fact to consider: rBGH has been banned in the European Union, Canada, Australia and several other countries; and the U.N.’s main food-safety body, concluded there was no consensus that it’s safe for human health.  Those are definitely things to think about!

The good news is this: You don’t have to worry about any questionable hormones in your milk or yogurt at Yo Mon!  We think it’s important to give you the cleanest and healthiest frozen yogurt that we can! To that end, we only use skim milk that has no growth hormones used in its production.  And our fro-yo, you ask?  We’ve taken care of that too!  It contains no artificial ingredients or fillers and is made with non-fat milk with no rBGH!  Clean and healthy—just the way yogurt should be!

At Yo Mon, you don’t have to carry the weight of the world’s (and cows!) problems on your shoulders.  Leave them at the door, relax and enjoy a cup of hormone-free yogurt with a clean conscience.  Healthy, happy cows and healthy, happy you!