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If You Build It, They Will Come: Yo Mon Welcomes Skateboarders

Yo Mon Skateboards 2Okay, our skateboarding friends were coming anyway, but the point is that we want to make it a little easier for them!  Very soon, Yo Mon will have a skateboard rack hanging up front so all of our yogurt-loving, skate-boarding customers will have a place to park!  And we’re so excited about it!  Skateboarding, in case you haven’t noticed, is becoming increasingly popular, and why shouldn’t it?  Here are a few reasons you might want to hop on a board yourself:

Skateboards are environmentally friendly!

  • Did you know that 1000 skateboards could be produced with the same energy and resources you’d need to build a medium-sized car?
  • If 1 million people replaced a 2-mile car trip once/week with a skateboard ride, CO2 emissions could be reduced by 50,000 tons per year.
  • Driving releases 20 pounds of carbon dioxide/gallon of gas.  Huffing and puffing a little, not so much.
  • Skateboards require no parking spaces (just a snazzy rack!).  Save a tree, ride a skateboard!

Skateboards are healthy!

  • Skateboarding burns 340 calories/minute (assuming a body weight of 150 lbs.).
  • It’s a cardio workout!
  • It improves balance.
  • It provides a total-body workout.
  • It’s a fun, physical activity to do with the whole family.
  • Obesity has become a health crisis in the US.  Two tips for watching your weight: Ride a skateboard and eat low-fat frozen yogurt!

Skateboards are cost-effective!

  • The cost of operating the average car/year: $5,170.00
  • The cost of Pedal Power: FREE

Skateboards are for grown-ups, too!  Try a longboard!

  • Longboards are generally 38+ inches long, as compared to the usual 30 inches.  They are also wider and more stable.
  • Longboards are generally used for downhill racing, cruising (sidewalk surfing), or transportation.
  • Longboards are heavier and more stable due to their increased length, width, and bigger wheels (the wheels are also made with softer rubber than traditional skateboards).  Due to the larger wheels and softer rubber, they are able to go over larger bumps than traditional skateboards.
  • Longboards are smaller and more easily stowed than bicycles. They’re also faster!

Convinced yet?  If you decide to give skateboarding a try, skate on over to Yo Mon for a pit stop!  The rack will soon be waiting to making life a little easier for you.  All we ask is that you obey the rules of road, keep the tricks for the skate parks, and be safe!  If you don’t know any skateboarders, may we suggest you meet some?  They’re fun-loving, energetic people, so stop in and have yogurt with a skater some time!