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RiverFest Comes But Once a Year, Mon!

RiverFest 2012 LogoAnd we’re so excited that the time is almost here again!!

Once a year, the town of Red Bank comes together as a community to meet, to mingle, and…to have a great, big party!  It’s that time of year again, Red Bank!  Time for RiverFest 2013!  You know what that means, right?  It means that the “hippest town in New  Jersey” (thank you, New Jersey Monthly Magazine!) is about to become even more hip than you imagined.

Here are the facts:  RiverFest starts May 31st (Friday) and runs through June 2nd (Sunday), at Marine Park in Red Bank.  There will be a Children’s Palace, river cruises, interactive exhibits, live music, Artisan’s Alley with handmade art and other items, twenty-one area restaurants bringing out their best (over 100 different dishes!), and Yo Mon!  We’ll be there to keep you cool and refreshed with ice cold water and your favorite frozen yogurt, served in our signature cups, waffle bowls or waffle cones.

Every year, RiverFest in Red Bank draws over 150,000 visitors to the area and has been named by Life Magazine as a top 100 event in the US.  It is New Jersey’s largest free outdoor food and music festival.  People come from all over to listen to everything from children’s music to jazz to country to rock.  If you can sing it, chances are you’ll hear it at RiverFest.  Some highlights will be:  JoBonanno & the Godsons of Soul, Motor City Revue, Brian Kirk and The Jirks, and The Jazz Lobsters.

This year, RiverFest is set to be a ‘zero-waste’ event, which is really pretty cool.  Know what ‘zero waste’ means?  It means that everybody at the festival–participants, vendors, etc.–will be encouraged to recycle, and special containers for everything from food to oil to paper and plastic goods will be provided by M&S Waste Services, a Red Bank area company and one of RiverFest’s official sponsors.  So, remember: While you’re draining your water bottles and emptying da cup (and feeding da soul!) from Yo Mon—recycle your containers!

RiverFest began in 1980 as a way to celebrate local restaurants in Red Bank, but with a venue like Marine Park, great food and amazingly talented musicians, it had no choice but to grow.  People wanted more and they’ve gotten it—in a big way!  Yo Mon is so excited to be a part of RiverFest this year, to experience new music, enjoy Red Bank’s amazing array of restaurants and celebrate living in such a great place with all of you!  Come see us!  Grab a cup, feed da soul, and stay cool with us at RiverFest this year!

For more info on RiverFest 2013, contact the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce at 732-741-0055 or go to http://www.redbankriverfest.org/!