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Summer, Summer, Summertime…at Yo Mon!

Some people say that summer officially begins Memorial Day weekend—that’s when all the pools open, right?  The calendar says that summer begins on June 21st, or the summer solstice.  We say that as soon as the weather turns warm and we hear Will Smith singing about summertime—we’re there!  But maybe summer is a state of mind.

Think about it:  If you could live your life with the sun on your face, the days stretching out into night like a lazy cat, and the promise of vacation waiting on the next page of your calendar (instead of always seeming a world away), wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you like to carry that feeling of spending an afternoon being responsible for nothing with you everyday, even if you could only really be in it for a few minutes?  How do you find a moment of peace everyday?  Here are a few of our suggestions:

  1. Take a class:  Any class.  We’re not even talking about college credit.  Take a class at your gym.  Try yoga (even hot yoga—it’s way better than it might sound!).  Sign up for an art class or a book group or go to a talk or lecture at your local library.  Try signing up for something that’s all about you—an hour a week, half an hour a couple of times a week.  Whatever works for you, give it a try and see if you can find that summer feeling in the middle of a crazy week.
  2. Meditate:  This may not be for everyone, but it might be worth a try.  There are classes and books, podcasts and videos all about teaching people to meditate, but if you’re not into that or you just don’t have time to study up on the how-to’s, then sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and try to quiet your mind.  Letting the reminders and loudness of your day fade away for a bit is actually quite rejuvenating.
  3. Play a game with your kids:  Kids are go, go, go, but if you can put aside the million and one things on your to-do list for half an hour—we mean really put it away, be present and don’t rush the time so you can get back to the laundry, cleaning, computer, etc.—we think you’ll find that just focusing on that one task that makes your kids smile will bring your heart rate down and quiet your mind.  When was the last time you only thought of one thing for an extended period of time?
  4. Go outside:  This sounds simple, and it is.  Go outside and take a walk, sit in a chair in your backyard, find a nice rock by the creek, sit and stare at a lake or the water feature on your deck, but get outside.  Don’t take your phone or your computer, just yourself.  Listen to the birds, stare at the leaves on the tree, close your eyes and just be.  Turn off your phone.  This is so simple, and to some people, so scary!  Do you know many people feel like their phone is an appendage, who never let their phones out of their site?  Phones have become our connection to the world.  We get our email, texts, tweets, DMs, FB messages, news, sports, banking, and everything else you can think of from our phones but their information is constant.  Anyone can reach you anywhere these days and it can be exhausting.  How about leaving your phone behind if you try any of the above suggestions?  It’s not forever, just 30 minutes or so.  We think you might find that the uninterrupted time is surprisingly stress free.

If you’ve spent any time at all with us at Yo Mon, then you know that when you walk through our doors, you can leave it all behind.  Have a cup of your favorite frozen yogurt, do something nice for yourself, enjoy the company, take a break.  That’s what we’re all about.  Here’s hoping that some of the suggestions we’ve listed give you a break when you can’t be here, that the little bit of summer that we hold onto all year long at Yo Mon finds its way into your life everyday, if only for a moment.