Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt Press

To Be or Not to Be, That’s What We Ask Our Taste Buds

chill kiddiesAt Yo Mon, we try to stay pretty chill–like we’re in the islands, like nothing matters more than a moment to relax and have fun.  We think we’re pretty good at it, too, but the one thing we take very seriously is our yogurt.  We know you come to us for more than our pretty smiles and our comfy chairs.  You want something good to eat and we aim to give it to you!

Every day we’re dreaming up new flavors and new combinations.  We try to put ourselves in your shoes because when we’re not creating something new and delicious, we are you.  We want to kick back with our family and friends and enjoy our lives!  When we go out, we want to go to a place that makes us happy, a place we know we’ll enjoy–from the oldest to the youngest, the beginning to the end.

So, we ask ourselves:  What does everyone want and need, and what’s something fun and new we can try?  Our first answer is always chocolate.  Want it, need it, have to have it in the store every day.  Same with vanilla—it’s a “have to have.”  Another staple: regular tart.  Necessity.  A beach day, to really satisfy, needs sand, sun and water; a frozen yogurt experience has to start with chocolate, vanilla, and regular tart (and good toppings!).  The rest, as they say, is gravy.

We try to think of the best flavors to add to our selection, the best tastes to combine; we try to create something new that you might not expect when you come in for your favorite frozenGirl eating yogurt treat.  And isn’t that why you keep coming back?  Some of you might come in because you want a cup of chocolate, no toppings—just the classic; but most of you come in because, this week, we put chunky peanut butter in the same machine with chocolate and you got to eat what basically amounts to a frozen Reece’s Cup with the benefits of yogurt thrown in.  Or maybe you never knew that Green Apple and Snickerdoodle would bake some apples in your mouth!  Did you know you could get a cup of yogurt that would make your tongue believe you were eating a caramel apple (Green Apple and Caramel combo)?  Are you a fan of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies?  So are we, so we give you Mint Cookie and chocolate, conveniently paired in the same machine!  Taste sensation in one cup!

We are frequently feeling fruity, like it might be nice to snack on a frozen island drink, so we pair up Tropical Sorbet and regular Tart, Kiwi and Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit and regular Tart, or Star Fruit and Pomegranate. Some days we feel like baking, so we break out the Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, or our new favorite treat, the Rasta Roll.  You can mix and match from machine to machine, throw some pineapple on your own concoction that you like to call Pina Colada, or add some extra Oreos to your Cookies and Cream.  Where our creativity began, your imagination continues and builds.  What will you come up with?  What combo did you create that you think we need to know about?